September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Secretary Notes
The secretary Melissa Hawver was paddling down
a river so the notes are presented by proxy!
Director Kevin Klee opened the meeting first and foremost he wished to thank all the members
who gave of their time and talents throughout the summer. Thanks!!

He continued and discussed the Chapter’s participation in a variety of charitable endeavors.
We will be collecting coats, hats, mittens and scarves for needy families in Kenosha. Please
bring your gently used coats to the October Meeting. The drawing proceeds from the
September and October meetings will be matched up to $500. The money will then be used to
purchase new coats. Our expert shoppers will solicit discounts to get a big bang for our
The Chapter is also using those shopping skills and will be buying backpacks at a significant
discount that can be filled with school supplies for the next school year.
Paul Steffenson discussed his Tomahawk ride times and locations.
Beth Cleveland gave a report on the financials and Stamp Book.
Gym Fry presented the awards for his Scavenger Hunt.
Gean Klee presented the future activities starting with the Bags Tournament, Amazing Race in
October, Pool in November, Christmas Party in December, Bowling in January, and Family
Game night at the Potluck meeting in February.
Kevin reminded the members that October in nominations for Assistant Director and Treasurer.
The positions are open to any Chapter member and encourage members to consider taking a
board position.
With no further discussion or questions the meeting concluded.
Gean Klee for Melissa Hawver

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